How Many Words Does It Take?

Walking along this trail the other day I was thinking about the frequent terminology I hear spoken in psychological circles. At times it feels like one is trying to dominate another by using terminology that sets them apart from the everyday individual and sometimes fellow colleagues. The first question I had was if they are … Continue reading How Many Words Does It Take?

Yeah, I Hit That!

A couple of years ago my wife and I hiked from the North Rim to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. As we were hiking in the canyon we came across a sign that said "Toilet" that directed us to the nicely built structure housing three separate thrones of magnificence. In the middle of … Continue reading Yeah, I Hit That!

A Call for Poetry

For those of you that understand and have experienced the ability for nature to provide a space for growth and healing have an opportunity to submit poetry for an anthology that addresses this content. Even if you don't feel that this is an avenue you would like to take, feel free to share this with … Continue reading A Call for Poetry

Finding Balance in Life, Work, and Self-care

Day after day I delve into the depths of emotion and mentally map out points of connection in people’s lives and how this web of connectivity sometimes creates clear paths and sometimes create repetitive traps in their lives.  I absolutely love the honor of being invited into these individual’s lives to symbolically walk with them. … Continue reading Finding Balance in Life, Work, and Self-care

What is Existential Phenomenology?

I was once asked how I would explain the phrase existential phenomenology. Being that I am not one to typically speak a lot of psycholog-ese, I wrote this very succinct poem: This morning I woke up. It was beautiful! Sometimes we need to get out of our heads and simply experience life. A healthy tension … Continue reading What is Existential Phenomenology?