About Us

Today’s current events have created an overwhelming sense of uncertainty in many facets of living, including job loss, having to move, death, relational strain, and a sense of security in things that once felt stable. The emotional turmoil that can accompany life’s challenges can sometimes create further isolation within one’s support system.
Finding the right fit is imperative when seeking therapy services. In fact, it is one of the two major indicators of positive outcome in therapy. Using this information, my philosophy is simple; your goal is my goal.
I work from a relational perspective that is similar to a trusted friend; we will laugh together, cry with each other, and maybe even be angry with each other. It is my belief that the interaction in the therapy room will mirror how you address your relationships outside of therapy. Therefore, it is vital to engage in an authentic manner and not one that reflects a power differential.
I have a passion for working with end-of-life issues, grief and bereavement (loss comes in many forms beyond death), and for those that are trying to create a new sense of self. My experiences vary across many areas: working with hospice patients and their families, individuals with Parkinson’s Disease and their families, mothers dealing with postpartum depression, individuals with traumatic brain injuries, incarcerated individuals, couples, and many people that have just had enough of feeling inadequate and want more from their lives.
Give me a call, and let’s see how we connect.