What is Existential Phenomenology?

I was once asked how I would explain the phrase existential phenomenology. Being that I am not one to typically speak a lot of psycholog-ese, I wrote this very succinct poem:

This morning I woke up.

It was beautiful!

Sometimes we need to get out of our heads and simply experience life. A healthy tension between the two can give us balance, but I have to admit that the older I get the more biased I am toward experiencing life instead of thinking about it. I am reminded of a conversation I had earlier today with a colleague and dear friend, Dr. Nate. We spoke of how we utilize electronic media to satisfy our insatiable desire to connect with others but often to the point that we miss out on connections of depth and intimacy. The courage it takes to experience one another with vulnerability seems to be slowly eroding away in the superficial, binary coding of our mass electronic messages.

A challenge for myself and to you is to take time today to sit face-to-face with a friend or a stranger, and engage one another in a conversation that is more than cordial clichés and distracted eye contact. Listen with more than your ears. Share more than your words.

We all have our standard smiles, and we have the ones that come from within our souls. Share the latter!