It Is What It Is…..Is Incomplete.

So many times I have heard clients, family, friends, and random strangers recite the cliché, “it is what it is”, which can be a powerful statement on the acceptance of a situation. However, this statement is incomplete and often leaves the declarer a victim to whatever “it” is.

My marriage is on the rocks…               It is what it is.

The tornado destroyed my house…     It is what it is.

My bank account is empty…                   It is what it is.

I was diagnosed with cancer…              It is what it is.

Regardless of the situation, we are still left with the freedom on how we will react. So, I believe the phrase should be re-written to include, “It is what it is, and how will I respond to this?” We may be a victim to a something, but that does not have to define us simply as a victim. Choose acceptance, which is different than approval, and then choose how you will respond.

How are you defined? ….by situations? …..or by how you deal with them?

It’s your life; it’s your choice.