It Is What It Is…..Is Incomplete.

So many times I have heard clients, family, friends, and random strangers recite the cliché, "it is what it is", which can be a powerful statement on the acceptance of a situation. However, this statement is incomplete and often leaves the declarer a victim to whatever "it" is. My marriage is on the rocks...   … Continue reading It Is What It Is…..Is Incomplete.


After having worked with a young woman in therapy that had struggled with depression and suicidal intentions, I reflected over the course of our work and allowed my thoughts and emotions to be held within the container of paper and ink. It's emotional work to accompany individuals within their darkness, as well as their journey … Continue reading Adrift

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Environment

Driving home from the office after a long week and a very full day I found myself in bumper-to-bumper traffic, even before getting on the interstate. It was evident that I would be going nowhere fast....or somewhere very slow. Cars were jockeying for the imaginary fast lane and fantasy of launching ahead of everyone in … Continue reading Change Your Attitude, Change Your Environment